Meet Amari! Aspire Model Senior Team Member | Senior Photographer Owasso

Meet Amari! She’s a senior from Jenks High School who enjoys beauty, fashion, and a good challenge.

When I first began to shoot this year’s Aspire Senior Model Team, it was clear that Amari was a pro in front of the camera. She has a contagious smile and a beautiful sense of style to go with it. She’s an incredible model. More importantly, she’s an incredible girl.

I love being able to catch a person’s beauty in a photoshoot. With Amari, it’s been a joy to discover how much beauty there is in her. When she isn’t in front of a camera, Amari is in her community volunteering. She has a way of making anyone feel welcome with her bubbly personality. She’s warm with others, and she’s confident in who she is. When I photograph Amari, one thing is clear: she’s excited to portray her aspirations, and she’s more than ready to be an inspiration to others.

There are so many ways in which students choose to take on their senior year. Some embrace the chaos. Some spend hours with a notebook, trying to pin down their goals. When I look at Amari, I see a senior with fire. She charges into the future like it’s a battleground that she’s already conquered. I get to document the victory.

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