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Meet Gracie, a senior from Owasso high school who is truly sunshine on a cloudy day.

On the day of our first shoot together, I went with Gracie to get her hair and makeup done. When we left, it began to rain. We ran for the cars, trying not to mess up her beautiful hair! Fortunately, we reached the cars with no damage done. We drove to our location, and low and behold, the sun was out for a perfect shoot.

Gracie can part the clouds with her smile. She’s not only gorgeous, but she also has a passion for life. She originally joined the ASPIRE Senior Model team as a way to make new friends after moving to Owasso. It was easy for her to do! Gracie has a way of bringing joy and excitement to any situation.

From Nashville to Washington to Oklahoma, she’s bringing sunshine across the country. Gracie, Oklahoma is better because you’re in it.

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