Fearless | Owasso, Tulsa Senior & Family Photographer

Comfort zones are nice. They’re warm and cozy. Comfort zones are the mac-and-cheese dinners of life. However, they can also hold us back in life. They can stop us from fulfilling our potential, from taking risks, and from making a difference. I’m proud to say that this ASPIRE Senior Model breaks out of his comfort zone.

Meet Ian, a senior from Lincoln Christian. He’s passionate not only about people, but also about breaking down the fear that could stop him from reaching people. In

fact, it was difficult to schedule a session with him because he was on a mission trip!

Even in the small things, Ian looks for ways to push himself. Sometimes broadening his horizons means literally going somewhere to serve others, and sometimes it means choosing to do something intimidating. In his ASPIRE Senior Model application, Ian said that he wanted to join the team because it would help him step out of his comfort zone. I’m so glad that he did. He brings energy, life, and a reminder to be daring.

Like so many of the students that I photograph, I aspire to be a little more like Ian.

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