Sydney Rolls with the Punches | Aspire Senior Model Team | Owasso, Tulsa Senior and Family Photograp

One of life’s simple joys is meeting someone who loves the same things as you, especially when it comes to food. Maybe this is why it was so much fun to work with Sydney, a senior from Owasso who loves sushi as much as I do! This past summer, we explored downtown Tulsa and took some photos down the street from one of our favorite sushi places.

In the middle of the shoot, some cars pulled up, and a wedding party emerged. Suddenly, our senior photoshoot was eclipsed by people in gowns and tuxedos heading into their venue. Even in the midst of the insanity, Sydney’s beauty was impossible to ignore. She lit up the entire street with her effortless style.

In her pictures, you can see Sydney’s adorable boots. Partway through our photoshoot, the zipper on one of them broke. Sydney continued to walk through downtown Tulsa with broken boots, proving that the ASPIRE Senior Models are true models. Even with a broken shoe, she posed like a pro.

I love working with models like Sydney who bring a great sense of humor to every situation. Whether getting swept up in a wedding or making a pair of broken shoes her runway, Sydney turns any situation into an opportunity. Like the sushi that she loves, she rolls with it!

Sydney Aspire Senior Model

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