Breana the Speed Shooter | Tulsa, Owasso Senior & Family Photographer

This ASPIRE Senior Model is a star on both sides of the camera. Breana is not only a senior at Collinsville High School, but she also studies photography at Tulsa Community College. I’ve had a blast working with her. She’s goofy and clever, and she asks incredible questions about photography. It’s been a new, wonderful experience to be able to share my passion with one of the ASPIRE Senior Models.

However, Breana’s passion is far from limited to photography. Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to catch her in the Flag and Rifle Corp. She was speeding across the field, looking graceful the entire way. It was a beautiful image that reflected who she is as a person. Breana is fast. Fast on the field, fast to ask questions, and fast to take on a new adventure.

Now, Breana is nearly halfway through one of the fastest years of school. I would love to slow it down just a little to hold onto her and the other ASPIRE Senior Models a little longer. However, I would be holding her back from the thing that makes her so incredible: the rush of excitement that propels her through life. Breana is a whirlwind of colors: bright, graceful, and zooming.

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