Dixie's Gold | Owasso, Tulsa Senior Photography

Our first member to the ASPIRE Senior Model team is nothing short of sunshine. Dixie is a senior at Owasso High School who firmly believes in keeping the world bright. From all that I learned about her, she succeeds in lighting up everything around her.

As her picture show, Dixie has a breathtaking smile. With ease, she brightens up every room she enters. It makes sense that her favorite color is yellow.

During this shoot, I wanted to make sure to capture Dixie’s adventurous spirit. Like the Oklahoma wind, her energy is powerful and unending. She is on the varsity Pom squad and loves dancing. She surrounds herself with music, friends, and laughter. Dixie is a whirlwind of excitement, and it was incredible to capture some of this on camera.

Despite her energy, Dixie is anything but flighty. Beneath her powerfully bright demeanor is an ambitious girl with a commitment to serving her community. She aims high, and she follows through. She’s an active member of the Christian club on campus. Her passion for her faith seamlessly translates into a commitment to caring for her community. During the teacher walkout, Dixie volunteered to watch children in the Owasso area. She is nothing short of a role model.

Dixie perfectly captures what I look for in ASPIRE senior models. To state the obvious, she could make any picture look good. However, I never want to use a senior model who is just a pretty face. I look for students who inspire those around them and ASPIRE to be the best they can be.

High school is an incredible time of growth. It’s a time when teenagers discover how to think critically for themselves and begin to take steps toward their futures. As these students enter their senior years, I want to capture their aspirations. I want to take a snapshot of their best selves so that they can see themselves the way that their friends and families do: with awe and admiration. Like Dixie, I want to share their sunshine.

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