Aubrey Laughs | Verdigris, Tulsa and Owasso Senior photography

Life is better with laughter, and my latest photoshoot made my day. Aubrey is the newest member of the ASPIRE Senior Model team, and she has a wit that had me cracking up between shots.

Aubrey is a senior from Verdigris High School and is chock-full of surprising talents. She recently told me about her ability to sing. According to her, she is a fantastic singer. However, she says her family has a different opinion, and they do not share her enthusiasm for her gift.

Similarly, Aubrey has a talent for loving plants. Much like her family, however, her plants refuse to acknowledge her gift, and they consistently die on her. Unfazed, Aubrey has sought out the comfort of friendlier plants. She’s collected succulents and cacti, which have also died. Far from being discouraged, Aubrey has simply embraced her ability to kill the strongest plants.

Through her self-deprecating sense of humor, Aubrey has a way of making everyone feel welcome. She’s an incredibly talented, beautiful, well-rounded young girl, but she is quick to poke fun at herself. Aubrey makes it easy for anyone to feel comfortable in their own skin. She takes on life, succeeding in so much while laughing at her own failures. She embraces all challenges, learning from and laughing at her mistakes along the way.

While she is quick to point out her shortcomings, Aubrey is dazzling in her successes. From the soccer field to the classroom, she rises to any challenge. Aubrey is on her student council and was her junior class president. She’s a member of the National Honor Society, and after graduating, she will be attending the University of Tulsa playing soccer. While she may joke about her singing and her relationship with plants, Aubrey’s true talents are completely stunning.

Much like her wit, Aubrey’s presence in a photo is brilliant. I am a firm believer that everyone looks prettier when they smile, and Aubrey can’t help but share her beauty. She speaks, and smiles form all around her. It’s contagious. Despite what her plants might think, Aubrey can’t help but give life to anyone that she meets.

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