Micah Moves Beyond the Portraits

Our ASPIRE Senior Model Team has a new member! Micah is a senior from Owasso High School with deep roots and big goals. As he goes into his senior year, Micah is already making plans for his next steps.

One of my favorite parts of taking senior portraits is capturing the personality of teenagers who are becoming adults. It’s such a unique point in life when they’re discovering who they are and where they fit in a big world.

I loved my time with Micah because he has a sense of self beyond his years. He confidently owns who he is, whether on camera, on the field, or in a conversation. As one of our ASPIRE Senior Models, Micah is a proud leader who is excited to take his next steps into adulthood.

Micah defines himself through his faith and his active nature. He is heavily involved in his church, which helped him to build his leadership skills. When he’s not at church, Micah loves to play sports and spend time outside. He keeps himself moving, and he believes in moving people.

Micah describes himself as joyful, and I loved capturing a little bit of this in his shoot. Behind the editing, behind the staging, there’s a genuine brightness in his eyes. Each picture gives a glimpse of his real joy. As Micah goes into the big world, I have no doubt that he’s going to take on some big adventures.

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