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I love the way that photography can communicate so much. A picture can capture a look, an expression, a moment in time. One frame can share a story. It can make an announcement, or it can mark the beginning of a journey. As the saying goes, a picture says a thousand words. The newest member of the ASPIRE Senior Model is someone who knows quite a bit about communicating something to the world.

Kyara is a senior at Owasso High School with a knack for sharing ideas. She loves learning new languages. Kyara speaks spanish, and she is constantly looking for ways to know more. Beyond her ability to communicate with other people, Kyara also has a knack for communicating with robots. She loves programming robots and she is good at it. With her brilliant communication, she brings life to the inanimate. Kyara has an uncanny ability to share ideas with the world.

However, Kyara’s expressions go far beyond her words. She is a master of nonverbal communication. Kyara is bright, creative, and hopeful, and she proudly displays this to the world. Her beautiful hair constantly changes color. She loves shopping, and she expresses herself flawlessly in her outfits. While I’d never recommend judging a book by its cover, I can say with certainty that if Kyara were a book, she would have the greatest cover art.

One of Kyara’s favorite quotes is, "We are, each one of us, a little universe." by Neil deGrasse Tyson. On its surface, this quote

shows the smart, scientific nature of Kyara. She dives into the details of life to see what she can discover. However, the quote also shows so much of her creativity. Metaphorically, Kyara is a little universe. She creates a world within herself that seeps out like light escaping from pinholes. I’m so glad that I have the opportunity to grab some snapshots of her incredible light.

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